Spectra Tools Small & Versatile

Sometimes a tool can have multiple uses.  United Foremen installers learned this fact recently when they used a Spectra LP51G on their job site in Charlotte.  The compact laser-pointing tool turned out to be the perfect solution for plumbing a column on site during concrete work.

This small but versatile Spectra Lasers tool can replace the plumb bob, square and level in the toolbox.  Its 5 beam pointer with green light works well indoors and out and is especially well-seen in red dirt.  These pointers are water, mud and shock-resistant and can even withstand 3 foot drop onto concrete.  Stop by one of our locations or call 1-800-443-7561 to pick up a LP51G today!


SITECH Baby Boom!

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming for this baby burst of cuteness:

L – R: Aspen, daughter of Dave Schoenfeld of Propeller Aero.

Alex, grandson of Tim & Tina Burns of SITECH Mid-Atlantic.

Sawyer, grandson of Richard Jenkins of S.M. Smith & Sons.

Let us know when you’ve got a baby on the way!  We’d love to dress your cutie kiddos up in our special SITECH onsies.  Available in pink, blue, yellow, white and heather grey.

And now…..back to tractors!

Virginia Drone Demo

Michael Stellato, of the SITECH Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake team, launches a UAS drone with Collins Contracting alongside Chuck Collins, Chas Collins, Jay Mudd and Bobby Campbell.

Post aerial survey imagery with a cut/fill map of site in Fredericksburg, VA including buildings, lines and parameters.