Site Positioning/Surveying

SITECH Mid-Atlantic supplies the Carolina's and Virginia with sales and support for the two most popular types of site positioning and surveying systems; lasers and Trimble GPS systems.Please read below for more details;

General Construction Laser Level
General Construction tools for efficient elevation and alignment control on the jobsite, includes laser levels, horizontal and vertical lasers, grade lasers, receivers and optical instruments.

Trimble GPS Systems
Trimble® GPS Site Positioning Systems are designed to provide contractors with state-of-the-art construction positioning solutions. Trimble SPS provides the non-surveyor the ability to quickly resolve problems on site and the flexibility to complete any task. Contractors can track, report, validate and control workflows from receipt of initial designs to project completion.

Central to the system is your positioning sensor hardware. You can use either GPS or total stations. These can be combined with Trimble Site Controller Software developed specifically for construction applications.

With Trimble Site Positioning Systems, you will simplify your operations, increase your efficiency in the field, and minimize your downtime at every stage of the project. Trimble GPS Systems work for the following applications; site preparation, heavy / highway, mining, landfill and waste disposal.

The Spectra Precision Laser HR150 is an excellent receiver for contractors involved in extensive interior construction and remodeling work.
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Spectra Precision Laser CR600 The Spectra Precision Laser CR600 Receiver is ideal for contractors doing both site prep and general construction...
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The rugged Spectra Precision® Laser DG711 and DG511 Pipe Lasers are built tough for long lasting performance and reliability...
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Spectra Precision Laser GL412 and GL422Versatile Automatic Grade Lasers for Level, Grade and Vertical Alignment. The Spectra Precision® Laser GL412 and GL422 Grade Lasers are cost-effective...
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Spectra Precision Laser GL512 and GL522: Versatile Automatic Grade Lasers for Level, Grade and Vertical Alignment - The Spectra Precision® Laser GL512 single grade and GL522 dual grade transmitters...
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Spectra Precision Laser GL700 Series: Spectra Precision Laser Grade Laser Transmitters Built for the Jobsite - Get the right laser for the right job. Construction-tough Spectra Precision® Laser...
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